Costa Maya Property for Sale

The properties listed here represent some of the best values in the entire Costa Maya region.  I have personally inspected each one and have determined that they meet a high standard of quality, considering several factors.  The criteria I use to assess the quality and value of property consists of the following:

  • Adequate lot size and space to build a house
  • Limited presence of mangroves
  • Lot elevation
  • Price
  • Location

Only after considering each of these factors, will I determine if the property will be listed.  I have declined listing several properties, because they have failed in one or more points listed above. I would not want to own a property that does not meet my standard. Nor do I want my clients to own one.

In order to view the listed properties on this website, you need to select the appropriate category of properties. You can choose to view “Single Lots”, Homes and Condos” or “Group Investments”.

“Single Lots” represent by far, the category with most of the properties on this site. Keep in mind that the Costa Maya is still a relatively undeveloped area and because of that, there is an ample supply of quality building lots on the market.

“Homes and Condos” represent the homes and condos available for sale in the Costa Maya. You can see that because of the relatively recent development of this area, homes for sale are in limited supply but this is changing fast as more and more people are encouraged to build here.

“Group Investments” is a special category. At times I find very large properties of outstanding value that can only be purchased with a group of investors, because of the high price. Oftentimes the price per meter of these properties can be negotiated much lower than a typical smaller lot, thereby providing outstanding value. When I find these properties, I notify my investors and clients that I have a group deal on a large property that can be either acquired by the group at outstanding value or be sub-divided into smaller lots, providing each buyer with their own lot. Either way, the net effect is that the buyer has purchased a property at a considerable discount to market value. I have done two of these group deals that have worked incredibly well and all buyers benefited. For more information about potential group investments, please contact me directly by email.

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  • Puerto Angel (5 lots)
  • 75,000 per lot U.S. ($300,000 for all 5 lots)
  • Dimensions: 20 m . x 20–25 m. per lot
  • Placer #4
  • $195,000
  • Dimensions: 16 meters x 119 meters
  • Uvero 1
  • $150,000 U.S. per lot $300,000 for both
  • Dimensions: 20 meters x 70 meters each lot
  • Tanquila 41
  • $110,000 U.S.
  • Dimensions: 20 meters x 95 meters
  • Casa de Coco
  • PRICE REDUCTION – Best beach south of Mahahual
  • $369,000
23 found. Viewing page 1 of 3. Sort By: Price Location Star-Rating Dimensions Title