Costa Maya Infrastructure

Major private sector improvements include a cruise ship dock with a shopping mall, a beach club and marina.  The area has been targeted by the Mexican government for low-density, environmentally conscious development.

The Costa Maya will be very different than Cancun to the north, which includes high-rise hotels in a high density area.  In an effort to attract the more conservation and environmentally minded tourist, the Mexican government is taking all the necessary precautions to make this happen.

Since 2001 the infrastructure in the Costa Maya has grown extensively. The road, from the main Highway 307 that connects Cancun to the north and Chetumal (state capital) to the south, was significantly improved from a pot-holed dirt road to a paved highway. Since that time electricity and phone lines have been installed and both the towns of Mahahual and Xcalak are now electrified.  Electricity was also recently installed in one 3 kilometer section north of Mahahual in the small community of Rio Indio. With this stretch of beach now electrified, there is widespread optimism that the remaining sections of the beach road will also be electrified in the near future.

The town of Mahahual has experienced steady growth since 2001. Due to the destruction of Mahahual by Hurricane Dean in 2007, an infusion of government capital has rebuilt much of the infrastructure. A one kilometer paved malecon (pedestrian walkway) was built along the beach in the downtown area. Plans are underway to extend this north and south to include the remaining sections of town. Two roads that parallel the beach road and provide access to shops restaurants and hotels were recently paved. This provided a much needed improvement and efficiency to the flow of traffic from north to south.

Many small hotels, restaurants and shops have also been built to meet the growing needs of the cruise ship passenger traffic and the increasing number of residents moving into the area.